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Paper Craft: Cheap and Easy Way to Improve Child Character

Playing is a fun activity done by a child, they play without considering the end result. What are the factors that affect the child's play, and also what kinds of games and their benefits for the development of the child's psyche? It becomes our challenge as a parent to choose a child's game. At first glance indeed this becomes trivial, but the impact is very meaningful later in the development until they grow up. Many alternative games that make children become more creative and instill a positive thing for the little self. One of them is paper craft for kids the activity of cutting, folding and sticking into a much-loved activity of children.


Papercraft or paper model is the art of making a model/figure that is usually made of a thick sheet of paper or cardboard. The model consists of patterns that will be cut, folded and glued to form a figure/model. Papercraft is also the result of the development of origami paper art that is "ichinogami." Origami is the art of folding using 1 sheet of paper. But Papercraft, Papermodel, or Paper Replication is the art of assembling paper from several sheets of paper. Techniques needed are cutting, using the cutter, folding, making curves with paper, gluing with glue, and make the desired shape.

Papercraft does not have a standard categorization yet. Papercraft categorization is usually viewed in terms of interest and physical form paper craft. Here are some Papercraft categories:

1. Pepakura
This type of papercraft is closely related to Japanese anime and manga.

2. Papertoy
This type of papercraft is urbaner, pop culture art, the trend of today. Simple form and usually have a very prominent texture.

3. Papermodel
This type of papercraft is a replica of the original object. Usually made using a scale. The resemblance to the original object takes precedence.

4. Paperavatar
This type of papercraft is an avatar of a person. The resemblance to the model (someone/figure) takes precedence.

The first thing needed to make Papercraft is the pattern. Papercraft patterns can be found on the internet or bookstore. If you get the pattern from the internet (usually in jpg format, gif, pdf), you should print it first on paper media (using printer). But if you get the pattern from the book/magazine (already printed on paper), you just make the next step.